Keith & Alicia’s Chill Breakers Beach Deck Wedding

Even though I love all kinds of weddings, there’s something truly special about a beach wedding. Having the ocean nearby just seems to remind everyone to let go, relax and have fun! After all, who doesn’t love a day at the beach? That’s just one of the reasons why I was so excited to photograph Keith and Alicia’s Breakers Beach Deck wedding. 

A Dreamy First Look

One of my favorite moments to capture as a wedding photographer is the first look. Being there when the groom finally sees his bride for the first time is pure magic. It was such a special moment, and Keith and Alicia were beyond adorable for their first look! The sun warmed the sands around them, making it easy for me to capture this enchanted moment.

Alicia grinned from ear to ear as she approached Keith, who was wearing a stunning navy suit. She lightly tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around to see her in her stunning lace wedding dress. His smile grew wider by the second, until they both started laughing like giddy kids. They were full of excitement (which, to be honest, was absolutely contagious) and couldn’t help but embrace one another.

Watching them stroll along the sand to their Breakers Beach Deck wedding was like something out of a dream. And the ceremony was truly lovely, too.

An Intimate Ceremony

If there’s one thing Keith and Alicia value, it’s quality time with quality people. And their Breakers Beach Deck wedding and reception were total proof of that. They wanted to have an intimate afternoon ceremony with family and close friends. 

The bridesmaids wore lovely ankle-length pale pink silk dresses, and the groomsmen wore crisp, navy blue suits with pale pink ties. Even though the vibe was chill and laid back, the colors, bouquets and decorations for this Breakers Beach Deck wedding were classic and timeless.

Everyone was so excited to celebrate these two amazing people, who were obviously destined for one another. As the sun set, Keith and Alicia said their vows to one another under a gorgeous flower-covered arbor. 

Soon, it was time to get the reception started!

A Sweet Reception

After the ceremony, Keith and Alicia welcomed their guests to a Breakers Beach Deck wedding reception that was one for the books. From the delicious dinner and adorable macaroons to the gorgeous centerpieces and extravagant fruit plates, this reception had color bursting everywhere! 

As the sun set over Keith and Alicia’s Breakers Beach Deck wedding, the wedding guests enjoyed their dinner and congratulated the happy couple. They laughed and danced the night away until the stars were twinkling above.

Reflections On This Breakers Beach Deck Wedding

While I love weddings of all shapes and sizes, there’s something to be said about a wedding that feels like a family reunion. I loved photographing Keith and Alicia on their special day. It was so memorable! But I was even more honored to be there because it felt like I was one of the family.

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Photography: Kristen Vincent Photography
Coordinator: Creative Affairs
Getting Ready: Coronado Marriott
Venue: Breakers Beach Deck
Band: Atomic Groove
Flowers: Cherry Blossom Floral Design