Edgy San Diego Marriage Vow Renewal Ceremony I Brian & Nina

Wow, what a great wedding this was to shoot! Brian and Nina’s San Diego marriage vow renewal ceremony filled me with joy to shoot. It was a mix of something beautiful, something fun, and something a little edgy too. 

The Shoot For The San Diego Marriage Vow Renewal Ceremony

When a couple has been together for a long time, you can tell. They have this way of looking at each other, of knowing what each other is thinking and feeling without saying a word. Those are the moments I look to capture when I’m taking photos of someone’s special day, whether that’s a San Diego marriage vow renewal ceremony or something else. 

Brian and Nina were that couple for me during this shoot. The whole time it felt like a story being told, and there were many moments I could help tell this story with.

There were the moments of them separated, each one a bright, beautiful shot of a day in the sun. There were moments of them together, feeling like they were seeing each other for the first time and loving it all over again. There were moments of them surrounded by their friends and family and saying heartfelt wedding vows, just like their wedding day.

All these moments made up Brian and Nina’s beautiful San Diego marriage vow renewal ceremony, a ceremony that, for me, is made all the more special because of their story.

Their Story

What makes shoots like this one so enjoyable to do, whether they’re a San Diego marriage vow renewal shoot or some other kind of shoot, isn’t just the story of that day but the story behind the day too. What’s been great for me is getting to be a part of that story as well.

I’ve been helping Brian and Nina capture their life together since they were expecting their first child. They’ve been together for 10 years, and the years haven’t been easy. They’ve often been apart since he’s a Navy SEAL and she’s a nurse recruiter. 

It’s been difficult for them to juggle their work lives and their home lives, but they’ve made it all work. Sometimes that takes a little patience. Even doing this San Diego marriage vow renewal ceremony was a little bit about having that bigger ceremony they’d wanted for their wedding.

The Secret Shoot

One of the moments for this San Diego marriage vow renewal shoot that I haven’t talked about yet were the shots I took of Brian and Nina alone. Unlike the other shots, this one felt intimate, edgy, and a little seductive. 

The colors were darker, the mood a little more tender. The way they looked at each other there, the way they held each other, was just as loving as before. It was even more so because now it was just them.

Final Thoughts

So, that was it for this San Diego marriage vow renewal ceremony. I can’t say enough how happy I was to get to capture another special moment in Brian and Nina’s journey together. I hope there are many more special moments to come. If you’re looking to have your own San Diego marriage vow renewal ceremony, let’s get in touch. I’m happy to discuss what you need and how I can help to bring your vision to life.







Bride’s Cape and Top: BHLDN
Skirt: Zimmermann
Hair and Makeup: Sophie Anne Artistry
Venue: Herb & Wood