A Vow Renewal | Herb & Wood | San Diego Wedding

Congrats to these two and their beautiful family! They decided to kick off the next decade of marriage with a stunning vow renewal at Herb & Wood in San Diego, CA. Surrounded by their close family and friends from all over the world they promised forever…again. The first look had everyones hearts exploding. Just LOOK at his face when he saw Nina! Then we snuck away to the reception room for some romantic portraits. Every detail that the Bride had been hoping for came to life. The flowers were perfection, the brunch was yummy and the love was all around. Cheers to you both and your sweet boys!

Herb and Wood, San Diego, CA

Little boy with sunglasses on at his parents vow renewal party

a handful of different images with family and friends waiting for the vow renewal at herb and wood to start.

The husband at the vow renewal at herb and wood in San Diego enjoying a cocktail with a tattoo on his finger

The Bride arriving at Herb and wood in San Diego for her wedding vow renewal.

The Bride posing with the unicorn statue at Herb and Wood in San Diego.

The first look of the groom seeing his bride. 10 years of marriage and his jaw dropped! She is wearing a white short petticoat skirt with a bustier and flowers in her hair.

The bride and groom exchanging vows at Herb and Wood. A San Diego eatery with an amazing brunch.

All the guests cheers and celebrating

At Herb and Wood the bride and groom pose on the staircase, the ballroom and on a couch. This is the room where they have their wedding receptions.