Joe & Laura’s Joyful Tivoli Wedding

Telling stories with photos is what I do, and I love doing it. Joe and Laura’s Tivoli wedding day story was certainly no exception to this, and what a story they had to tell! 

Third Time Lucky

I met and got to know Laura quite well during my ER nursing days, so it was incredible to be invited to capture their wedding photos for their gorgeous Tivoli wedding. She and Joe loved my colorful approach and how I manage to capture pure emotion and love. 

Unfortunately, like many other couples that had planned to tie the knot, COVID caused some delays. While some couples only had to reschedule or delay their special day once, Joe and Laura had to do it three times! Maybe there was something to that though because they and their guests let loose and made their Tivoli wedding so much fun.

Favorite Moments From Joe And Laura’s Tivoli Wedding

There were so many highlights throughout Joe and Laura’s Tivoli wedding day that it’s hard to talk about just a few. But there were some standouts even within the best moments though. Like the look on Joe’s face when he saw Laura; that’s not something I’ll soon forget.

They also had so many beautiful details and florals throughout their Tivoli wedding that I wanted to capture in the most delicate way. So, I highlighted these elements with some shots putting them front and center.

Some other favorites were the groomsmen, who were just hilarious and added extra joy to an already joyous day. Also, the dance floor during the reception was hoppin’! I loved photographing all of this for Joe and Laura so they could relax and relive the fun moments all over again, plus some ones they didn’t even know happened during their Tivoli wedding day and reception.

30 Group Shots In 30 Minutes

It’s my passion to make sure my couples are prepared and ready for their big day. So, when it comes to the wedding day timeline, I am all in.

For Joe and Laura and many other couples, I worked with them on theirs to really utilize every moment of their wedding day. A big part of this was getting a family shot list in place before the day. I knew this would be key to breezing through the daunting task of capturing 30 group shots in less than 30 minutes.

It was, and the photos turned out great!

Final Thoughts

Whenever I write about weddings like these, I’m always left with an overwhelming sense of appreciation and gratitude for what I get to do as a “job.” Whether it’s for a secret proposal, a romantic engagement shoot, an intimate vow renewal ceremony, or a traditional wedding with all the works, I get to share what I love doing with people sharing their love with one another. I can’t say enough how fulfilling that is.

So, if you’re on the lookout for someone who will capture the emotion and story of your special day, let me know!