Karyn & Tony’s Eye-Catching Garden Wedding at the Santaluz Club

Karyn and Tony, along with their families and friends, were so happy to gather and celebrate this lovely garden wedding experience at the Santaluz Club. The couple wanted the theme of their wedding to be elegant and sophisticated. Co-owning a design firm in Coronado, my dear friend for over a decade, Karyn, designed the entire event to perfection. I worked with them to create a seamless timeline that allowed them the most time to really celebrate with their guests.

On the day itself, everyone was dressed to the nines through their attires and warm smiles – and the entire day was vibrant and joyful. Karyn and Tony’s garden wedding photos turned out so perfect, and it was truly a wonderful event that symbolized a new chapter in this special couple’s journey in life together.

Getting Ready for a Garden Wedding 

I could truly see Karyn’s vision and aesthetic as I was shooting the preparation for their garden wedding day. Karyn’s classy gown, silver-gold mid-heels, and Jo Malone London spray were the classiest little details, and seeing the bridesmaids and flower girls in their robes was even lovelier. 

Tony wore a two-piece beige suit with a grey tie and white shirt to match Karyn’s floral mermaid dress. His smile literally took everyone’s breath away as he walked down the aisle with his parents. It was especially beautiful to capture the couple holding hands as they exchanged vows.

The venue had spectacular outdoor and indoor areas to capture vibrant wedding portraits. As Karyn posed with her adorable flower girls, Tony got goofily ‘carried away’ by the groomsmen. We shot the couple’s gorgeous portraits inside and in front of the main entrance.  We also took portrait shots of Karyn and Tony with other couples, family, and friends. 

The Warm Reception

From the dark brown mahogany Chiavari chairs to the tables with floral centerpieces, signature drinks, and creamy doughnuts – the reception was nothing short of perfect.

As they entered the hall, Karyn and Tony had the crowd cheering for them as they showed off their dance moves. Some friends took this opportunity to deliver their speeches, leaving the couple and the crowd happy. The speeches (and also the vow readings from the ceremony earlier) were very heartfelt and filled with emotion, and it was a very special moment to capture.

Karyn soon changed to a white one-shoulder bow train wrap mini-dress, ready to wrap up the day in style with her now-husband and guests and dance the night away!

Final Thoughts

It was such a memorable experience to photograph Karyn and Tony’s garden wedding. We can get in touch if you’re looking for a photographer to grace your special day. I would be honored to help you bring your dream wedding to reality.