Playful And Fun Family Photos At The Beach

As a mother, it’s always fulfilling to capture images showing off a family’s uniqueness and togetherness, especially when it involves creating fun and playful family photos at the beach. So, when the Schnitzers reached out to me after a referral from a friend, I just knew that Coronado Beach would be the best location for them. I knew they thought so too when they traveled from Arizona to Coronado Beach just to take their family photos at the beach. That was all I needed to know to tell how much family meant to them, so I was going to make sure they got the best photos possible.

Styled Family Photos at The Beach

It’s enjoyable for me to listen to my clients’ visions and ideas before their shoot. It allows me to connect with them on a personal level and understand what’s important to them, whether it’s coming from a family or a couple

It’s also great when I get to guide out-of-town clients toward their dream session at their ideal location, wherever that location happens to be. It wasn’t just the location I helped with though. I also styled them before their photoshoot with Style & Select. 

If you don’t know what that is, no worries. For me, Style & Select is an essential tool to help my clients figure out their outfits for their photo sessions. It allows me to coordinate items and provide options for clients to choose from.

For the Schnitzers, we ended up going with colors you’d find at the ocean and the beach. That made sense to us since we were taking family photos at the beach, after all. Instead of going with the same or only a few colors overall, we went with a spread of them, some more muted, others a little brighter. It ended up looking great.

Once we had all that in place, it was time to take some photos! The great thing about working with the Schnitzers for their family photos at the beach was that they were so playful. The kids had so much fun as they ran around playing in the sand. All you had to do was see the look on their faces as they sat on the beach looking out to the ocean while letting sand slip through their hands to know they were having a good time. It’s often quiet and tender moments like these that provide the best family photo opportunities.

During the shoot, we took a variety of photos. Sometimes we had the whole family in the frame, sometimes just the kids, and sometimes just the parents. I truly enjoyed getting to capture all their love, playfulness, and just overall fun that they share as a family for their family photos at the beach.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in your own family photos at the beach or elsewhere, let me know. With a family of my own, I love helping people take photos they can cherish forever. After all, the kids just grow up so fast! But a good set of photos will last you and your family a lifetime.






Styling: Style and Select
Photography: Kristen Vincent Photography