Stuart & Liza’s Ready-To-Party Coronado Wedding Day

You just never quite know what’s coming your way as a wedding photographer. That’s a big part of what makes it so much fun though, and I love where being a wedding photographer has taken me so far. And for at least part of Stuart and Liza’s Coronado wedding day photos, it took me to a local liquor store and deli.

Dancing At A Liquor Store

After Stuart and Liza’s wedding ceremony at the Sacred Heart Church, I took them around the island on a trolley to some favorite local spots. For Stuart and Liza, one of those was Park Place Liquor & Deli. 

I wrote a little something about this in the Coronado Times, but I think it’s worth mentioning here too. They both grew up in Coronado, and they made a habit of stopping at the liquor store and deli to get some food for their picnic dates.

This time, they stopped there as husband and wife, still fully dressed from head to toe in their wedding day outfits. This was the kind of awesome attitude Stuart, Liza, and their wedding party had throughout the whole day. Knowing that, let’s just say I encouraged them to dance and have some fun while we were there. It didn’t take much, and it made for some great Coronado wedding day photos. 

But the fun wasn’t over for their Coronado wedding day yet!

Stuart and Liza’s Coronado Wedding Reception

After their adventures around the island, we made our way back to one of my favorite Coronado wedding venues – Feast and Fareway. Stuart and Liza liked it too because it had very similar views to where Stuart works. They hardly had time to enjoy those views though because the reception was full of so many great moments.

A favorite of mine was when Stuart crawled toward Liza on the dance floor as he went to get the garter. It was hilarious! He also may or may not have put it in his mouth, but I’ll let my photos speak to that one.

In fact, it’s photos like these that make couples choose to work with me. They know I’ll take the traditional shots well, but they also know I’ll be on the lookout for the best way to capture those shots with fun colors, energetic movement, and connection too. Aside from having shot many of Stuart and Liza’s friends’ Coronado weddings and others, that was why they chose to work with me. So, in keeping with that theme, you’ll also see nestled among the pictures I took of the parent dances, which were so lively and wonderful to capture, all the mid-action shots I took of people boogieing their hearts out. 

Final Thoughts

I might be overusing the word fun here, but Stuart and Liza’s Coronado wedding day was as fun as it gets! Everyone from the couple to the wedding guests really knew how to let their hair down and party.

So, are you a ready-to-party kind of couple too? Even if you’re not, I’m always ready to help couples take some incredible wedding day photos. So, let me know what you’re thinking!




Photography: Kristen Vincent Photography
Hair & Makeup: Coronado Bliss Salon
Live Music: Matt Heinecke
Florist: Kenner & Sons
Cake/ Dessert: Frost Me
Rental Company: SD Party Rentals
Videographer: Blue Tiger Films
Transportation: FiveStar
Getting Ready: Glorietta Bay Inn
Venue: Feast & Fareway
Planner: Creative Affairs