Tom & Sarah’s Vibrant Thursday Club Wedding Photos

If there was one thing that stands out to me from Tom and Sarah’s vibrant Thursday Club wedding photos, it was the wholehearted romance these two love birds shared with each other. By the end of their beautiful wedding ceremony, their love had touched everyone present in some way, shape, or form.

About The Couple

Tom and Sarah found each other through work since they are both in the medical field. Unfortunately, like so many couples, they had to put their wedding dreams on hold because of the pandemic. So, when the time finally came for the two of them to share their “I do’s” and commit their lives to one another, all they wanted to do was let their hair down and put on a fun and vibrant party. I’d say they did a great job!

As for me, they found me after I had photographed several of their friends’ weddings. I love knowing the work I do means so much to people that they’re willing to recommend me to others too. Thank you to all of you who do.

The Venue

The Thursday Club is such a great spot for a wedding in San Diego. Having had the pleasure of taking Thursday Club wedding photos before, that feeling grows each and every time I’m there. With beautiful architecture, well-kept grounds, an ocean view, and classy interiors, the Thursday Club is always worth a look.

My Top Picks From Tom And Sarah’s Thursday Club Wedding Photos

I loved this wedding so much. It’s hard for me to narrow down my top picks, but one of my favorite shots from Tom and Sarah’s vibrant Thursday Club wedding photos was the poignant first look. Tom teared up as soon as he saw Sarah, and it was easy to tell just how much this moment and their entire wedding day meant to them. 

This was reflected throughout their entire day, which was just as vibrant as the wedding itself, but another moment that stands out in this way was Tom and Sarah’s first dance. To put it simply, they were all smiles, and I was glad to include those shots in their Thursday Club wedding photos as well. 

Also, the dance floor itself was a highlight. Everyone was ready to get down and have a good time, and the dance floor made that easy with its beautiful hardwood. 

I could go on and on about Tom and Sarah’s wedding. But in the end, I’m just so glad everything came together for them. Surrounded by friends and family, everyone making great moments together, and getting some great Thursday Club wedding photos on top of all of it, what else can you ask for?

Ready For Your Own Vibrant Photos?

I love what I do. Capturing all the emotions and moments from couple’s weddings and getting to give all those emotions and moments to those couples is always worth it. I know they’ll always be reminded of the joy they had that day, and those reminders will continue to add to their joy in the future as well.

So, whether you’d like some Thursday Club wedding photos of your own or are looking to take photos somewhere else, I’d love to help. In other words, wherever your journey takes you, I’m ready to join you. Just let me know what you’re looking to do, and I’ll get started!




Photography: Kristen Vincent Photography
Hair: Beauty by Metz
Makeup: Fresh Face by Thuy
Officiant: Your Wedding Belles
Ceremony/Cocktail/Reception Music: Dancing DJ Productions
Flowers: Royal Flowers and Events
Venue: The Thursday Club
Caterer/Bar: Bekker’s Catering
Cake/Desserts: VG Donut & Bakery