Will & Christina’s Lively Junipero Serra Museum Wedding

Will and Christina’s lively Junipero Serra Museum wedding was a fun Mexican-inspired wedding that was bursting with color and positive energy, and I cannot wait to share all the details with you. But first, I want to dive a little bit into how I came to be involved in this amazing wedding

Their Why And Mine

Will and Christina chose me as their wedding photographer because they loved the way I captured deep and vibrant colors. They also loved the realness of my finished images. All of it aligned perfectly with the feel they dreamt of for their wedding day. 

Can I just say this is what I love about what I do? I know wedding photos, like every part of a wedding, are a big deal for a couple. Knowing the kind I take fits right into someone else’s dream is exactly why I’m so passionate about taking them that way.  

Scoping It All Out

For their Junipero Serra Museum wedding, we scoped out different spots at the venue to really give their photos that deeply historic and fun feel. It’s not always an easy mix to pull off, but we rocked it. 

I especially loved the lighting at the first look and the family portraits too. The sun filtered in through the trees behind everyone and added a brightness that perfectly matched the energy of Will, Christina, and their family. 

Also, later, during the reception, the couple and I went around to the back of the Junipero Serra Museum wedding venue, where they were hidden from the guests. While there, I asked them to do their first dance alone. It was pure magic taking photos of just the two of them dancing against the light of the descending sun and the incredible view behind them.

A Mexican-Inspired Junipero Serra Museum Wedding

You know it was an amazing day when we haven’t even gotten to the wedding yet. Both Will and Christina have a deep love for Mexico, so they wanted to honor that culture and bring out Mexican flair in every aspect of their wedding. It made sense for them to go with the Junipero Serra Museum wedding venue then, which featured authentic Spanish architecture, vibrant landscaping, and accommodating outdoor spaces.

The intimate space where their wedding took place had a nice, simple decor with white walls, a wooden arch, and red florals. For the occasion, everyone dressed well, but I want to point out Christina’s dress specifically. It was a traditional Mexican dress, but not a traditional wedding dress, which I just loved. It’s always so amazing seeing what people dream up for their special days.

And with all those details in place, everyone came together for Will and Christina’s beautiful wedding, and they were both more than ready to get married to one another. I was more than happy to photograph it for them.

Final Thoughts

When I look back on weddings I’ve shot for, I can’t help but feel lucky. I get to work with some amazing people, and I get to be a part of some amazing moments. Even better, I get to help make and capture them for those amazing people.

Will and Christina’s Junipero Serra Museum wedding was no exception to this. I’m hoping I’m lucky enough to shoot for your wedding too. If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you!